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Jilly’s Rockworld November 8, 2006

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Jilly's RockworldJilly’s Rockworld Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EQ map

  • Jilly’s Rockworld is a Manchester institution.  Manchester’s premier heavy metal and rock nightclub it also hosts live bands and underground dance music nights.  Rockworld, or Jilly’s as it’s sometimes called, also offers some great drink special offers throughout the week.  There’s always large queues outside and some events are tickets only, so make sure you check out our what’s on guide in advance.  
  • Nightclub (rock and metal) 
  • Live Music (rock and metal)

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3 Responses to “Jilly’s Rockworld”

  1. I don’t think it’s worth the £6 to get in. In my opinion, the music is shit, drinks are extortionate. They dont play any classic rock any more, they have the same revolving playlist in the main room that spans all of 1995’s nu-metal shit tracks, and they play the same songs EVERY week without fail.

    It used to be a good club, its gone down the toilet big time.

  2. Nerissa Says:

    Entry is only £5.50 fridays & satudays. Thursdays are free before 11pm & £1 after. There are discounts for students and members.
    There are drinks offers every night, regular drinks prices are reasonable.
    There’s a classic rock room every night, which plays a great selection of classic rock tunes. DJs alternate weeks/nights so there’s always a variety. Otherwise there is 3 other rooms to visit playing everything that you’d want a rock club to play – punk, goth, industrial, emo, grunge, etc.
    The main room a mix of the best of all the new and older tracks rock fans love. The playlist is not stuck in ’95 – i have no idea where the previous person gets this idea from. Don’t let Oliver put you off, this club is loved by many. It may be manchesters oldest rock club but it remains the best!!
    Try the Allnighter on a friday for a night that rocks right through till 7am – you will not be disappointed!

  3. Magus Cheetahfur Says:

    Hmmm… Well, this used to be alright, however it has now become a bit of a dive.

    Drinks cost far too much, so unless you have a huge wallet (and it doesnt get stolen) You wont have a chance in hell of getting even tipsy!

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