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Manchester 235 November 7, 2006

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Manchester 235Manchester 235 Watson Street, The Great Northern, Manchester, M3 4LP  map

  • Manchester 235 is the plush new casino, restaurant, bar and live entertainment complex in Manchester’s Great Northern Warehouse.  The bar is large and luxurious, offering a great cocktail menu and differs greatly from those normally found in UK casinos.  UK gaming laws demand you have to be a member but this can be arranged free of charge at the entrance (on the side street behind Relish)  if you take along suitable i.d. (like a passport, driving license or other formal identification).  
  • Cocktail menu
  • Food (British & Italian)
  • Casino
  • Live Music (see our what’s on guide)
  • Live Comedy (see our comedy guide)
  • Disco (some nights)

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3 Responses to “Manchester 235”

  1. Rob Says:

    Not cheap for a drink, but you don’t go in there if you just want a quick drink anyhow. Cocktails served to you, but quicker if you go straight to the bar and order and wait there. Pricey for beer, cocktails are typical price. Classy look inside, great to wander over to the roulettes for a quick red or black gamble. Open till 4am most weekends – need to join up (for free) the first time you go – take a passport, driving licence or credit card.

  2. Ian Stewart Says:

    hello there,

    my friends and i have organised a stag party for a close friend and we are flying up to manchester on friday the 18th of may for the weekend, we are a good group aged between 21 and 55. and there is roughly 25 of us travelling. I was just wondering if a large numbered group like us are able to enjoy a night in your estalishment.

    kind regards Ian Stewart.

  3. Ben Manchester Says:

    Manchester235 Casino – Shockingly Poor Customer Service !

    The casino itself is a great place and a great alternative to other bars and night clubs in Manchester. However once incident has let it down for me.

    To cut a long story short the Valet parking is very disorganised and is absolutely chaotic at busy times and because of this they managed to reversed my car into a mini-bus causing significant damage. This is fine as we all make mistakes. What is not fine is that other than the poor guy who was driving it NO ONE else has even said sorry or taken it seriously. After over a month and many un-returned calls and excuses plus a letter to the casino director I finally got exactly the cost of the repair. Not even a letter of a apology or compensation for having to take 2 days off work to have the repair completed myself.

    With customer service like this I would strongly recommend avoiding their valet service and other facilities.

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