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The Old Nag’s Head November 6, 2006

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The Old Nag's HeadThe Old Nag’s Head 17 Jackson’s Row, Manchester, M2 5WD map

  • One of Manchester’s favorite traditional pubs dating back to the 1880’s. The Old Nag’s Head offers 4 pool tables, fruit machines and video jukeboxes throughout, they serve traditional pub grub at really good prices have a private function room and karaoke night’s on friday and saturday’s with live music on a sunday. It get’s really busy after work during the week and also at the weekends. During the day it’s just a great place to relax with a pint.
  • Real Ale
  • Food
  • Live Music
  • Pool
  • Jukebox

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45 Responses to “The Old Nag’s Head”

  1. Penny Barker Says:

    One of the last traditional pub left in Manchester.
    Excellent atmosphere, superb entertainment and first class service.
    Very good food. Good sized functiion room.
    The bedrooms are clean and relaxing.
    The Manager, Mr. Malcolm Jones gives you a warm welcome which encourages you to visit time and time again.
    Very welcoming staff.
    This pub deserves to be number 1 !!!!

  2. Gemma Barker Says:

    A fab place to go especially on Fri and Sat nite. All my friends love the place…..and we are only in our early 20’s.
    A really great atmosphere, plenty of entertainment, nice friendly staff.
    Malcolm the manager is really cool, always happy to see you.
    This pub it top and deserves to be Number 1
    Get voting for this brill pub !!!

  3. Andy/gar/frank Says:

    I recently visited this public house with work friends and i found this pub was very unclean! i also went to purchase a pirticular lager (kronenburg) and i was told the gas had ran out! (but stella was on! isnt that from the same gas bottle???)
    When i did get my pint the beer was flat! there was no head on the pint! my friend ordered a pint of theakstons and it tasted of vinegar! As stated this pub was voted “pub of the year” Its not rated by camra or cask marque for there ales! (i wonder why??) the pub was full of scallies and hoddies who looked like they just come from the youth centre. the only good thing to come from this pub was that the manager was very smartley dressed (the only thing clean in the pub!) i found all drinks were all over priced. we then left to a nearby small pub and found the pub to be clean and they served a cracking pint! i will be taking my custom there from now on

  4. david barmby Says:

    I saw the sign on the outside of the old nags head when i was walking past saying pub of the year, so i had to pop in and see why. when i got in there the pub was ok but nothing to shout about. i ordered my beer (fosters) and it went flat stright way! ive never seen that before! i have a thing about the toilets and i found these toilets to be clean unlike the pub its self! the staff looked a bit rough for my liking but you cant have everything. i sat down on one of the stools to find chewing gum on my seat and it had stook to my coat!
    i found the prices to be VERY HIGH! whoever voted this to be pub of the year must of had there eyes shut, as this pub needs a good scrub and a refurb! if i saw a sign saying newley refurbished i might just go back in!!

  5. mark adams Says:

    This but is NOT the best in manchester when you look at sams chop house, town hall tavern, the rising sun & the abba!
    I saw the sign so i went in! i wish i didnt! the place is a dump and the beer was flat!

  6. Mark, the other pubs you mention are all excellent – as are the likes of Peveril of the Peak, Britons Protection and Circus Tavern etc. However, here’s the rub, 3,506 people voted for over 64 pubs in the Pride Of Manchester Awards and The Old Nag’s Head won. If you don’t agree, then you need to vote at – no point moaning without actually doing something about it.

  7. Mark Adams Says:

    Its amazing what you win when you quite clearly vote for your own pub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I say no more…………………….


  8. Hi Mark

    You’re wrong there. The award was voted for by Pride Of Manchester members. Now unless the Old Nag’s Head signed up 3,506 of our 15,000 membership, I very much doubt they’d be able to sway the vote.

    Disillusioned by the other awards in town, we also refused to doctor the results to suit our featured establishments (hence Cloud 23 won ‘Best Cocktail’ and the Arora ‘Best Hotel’). The vote was purely decided by our membership (or in the case of hotels, our customers).

    I presume you’re a member of Pride Of Manchester and will be able to have your say in the 2008-09 awards.

  9. mark adams Says:

    Sorry so going off those figures you have just given, the nags head needed 55 votes or more to win!!!!!!!!!

    What a joke!!!!

    Thats made my day!!!

    many thanks


  10. Not sure how your maths work Mark,
    3,506 votes split over 64 pubs does indeed mean that if every pub got exactly the same number of votes, they’d each get 55 votes.

    However, obviously not every pub received the same number of votes.

    If you don’t like the Old Nags Head, then don’t vote for it. Vote for another instead – there’s no restrictions, as long as it’s in the Greater Manchester region!

  11. David saville Says:

    I was reading this website and came accross this pub of the year (The Old Nags Head)
    This pub was a dump and it smelt of sick as you walked in from Lloyd Street.
    The pub was very unclean but the toilets were clean & new.
    The beer was flat and the barmaid was grumpy.
    If you like rough and ready pubs this is the pub for you!!

  12. Steve Says:

    Enjoying the banter on this site, keep it up! Not long got in and the Old Nags Head was 1st point of call tonight (and every other night when out in town). Always found a good pint in here and buzz with the staff (try some manners Dave!). Could do with a fresh carpet but would prefer a new missus!

  13. Carol Wheeler Says:

    We had our wedding reception here it did not cost us an arm and a leg.And everybody had a real fantastic day.It was the best day of my life and The Nags Head made it a day to remember.
    We were married 4 years ago and people still comment about the good time we had.

  14. Paul Says:

    went in the Old Nags Head on the 23/1/09 and the food has changed for the worst! its not what it was like 12 months ago when i popped inn. maybe they have a new chef i dont know, but it wasnt up to the standard i used to be. Can anybody shed any light on this????

    More cask ales are also needed to! Theakstons and old speckled hen are not the best!!

    Pub needs attention!!!!


  15. Jay Says:

    i was Walking past this pub and i think the sign outside is a little out of date and its miss leading to the public! (2007 Best Pub In Manchester) I went in and i was told the gas had ran out on the fosters but the other largers were on????????
    Looking around, the pub looks tired and worn and needs a good few quid spent on it especially on a new carpet as your feet stick to the floor on a weekend!

    At the moment you wipe your feet on the way out!!!!!


  16. Tim Says:

    An empty 60/40 gas canister won’t allow a freshly connected barrell (of Foster’s!!…… or any other lager), to be dispensed through the pumps. Other lagers will work fine…….until the barrell empties. Hope this clears up your confusion Jay!!

  17. Jay Says:

    I have worked and ran pubs for 21 years! When the gas (60/40) runs out, it runs out on ALL largers not just one!!!!
    so it was aload of rubbish what the barmaid said! In other words they had ran out of Fosters (On a very busy friday tea time) and tried to cover it up!!!

    Hope this clears up your confusion Tim!!

  18. Nigel Says:

    I went here a couple of weeks ago and it was £3.40 for a pint of Carling!!!! No wonder some pubs are closing, better value at Lloyds, Moon under the Water, Hogs Head,etc. Its not the smoking ban or cheap supermarket offers its these sorts of prices. I wont be going back.

  19. nath Says:

    Went in last night 6.70 for two pints-bit pricey for my liking!

  20. Natalie Says:

    Went in on the 10th July 2009! Its had a new red carpet! looks nice untill you look up and see the rest of the pub! everything looks tired and worn! both cask ales were off to! this pub is very expencive to! there are much better and nicer pubs around the nags head and they are also cheaper! The sign needs to come down now i think (best pub in manchester 2007) this place is living in the past and i think a new owner is needed! this place looks to me as if its on its knees! its a shame and this used to be a cracking pub!

  21. Linda Howard-Bates Says:

    Oh dear! I stayed here recently. The beds smelled musty, as if they hadn’t been slept in, except by dogs, for at least six months. The walls were crusted with dark patches and the paper was peeling to reveal the extent of the damp in the room. The bathroom floor was sticky underfoot, the carpet was dirty. There was at least an inch of dust around all the ledges and window sill, and the uninvited guests from the pub downstairs was an added insult-some men had tapped on our room door expecting admittance but didn’t get a response so giggling retreated back to the bar downstairs. This must be a regular thing as when we were checking out one of our party saw a sign advertising, and I quote, “Afternoon Naps” were also available at an hourly rate!!!! I could not get out of the place quick enough! I will never stay there again, even if I was desperate, I would rather stay on the street and kip out on a park bench! The place is attrocious and for £50 a night just for the room, it seems to me to be a bit exhorbinant for what was available, breakfast was not an option, and even if it were, I would think twice about eating there!! As I travel quite a bit, I can honestly rate the Old Nag’s Head second in the most disgusting, dirty, dingy place I have ever had to stay. Sorry, but I have to be totally honest. It’s a DIVE!

  22. Big Dave Says:

    The Last person hit the nail on the head! It’s so funny but true! I have seen the advert for an “Afternoon Nap”! Its £3.60 now for a carling and its a dump! Ha! cant stop reading that last review! so funny.

  23. Jim Says:

    This pub won an award 3 years ago and this place is STILL banging on about it. Banners inside and out saying best pub in manchester 2007!!!!! This place is a s*it hole and very expencive. Everything is knackerd in this place and it took the barmaid 10 pulls on the cask ale pump to pull a pint of cask.
    When i was in this place over the weekend they had karaoke on and it made the place look very cheep and nasty. looks to me as if this place is very nearly going bankrupt. Just looking around it looks to me as if the management and staff dont give a s*it, as the place is very dirty.
    I shall not be going back.

    One thing i did out of this visit was a bloody good laugh at the nags……….

    Take my advice…. Stay away from the hell hole!

  24. H Says:

    This place was horrible. Very dirty and smelt musty. The beer was discusting and it was full of rough Salford people in the place.
    Not a nice place to be.

  25. Peter Johnston Says:

    called in the Old Nags Head on Wednesday 14th July 2010. As stated outside of the pub with a banner saying it WAS pub of the year 2007, I decided to pop thinking it must be ok. When I walked into this place there was no one in. The pub was empty. They had more tropical fish than customers! Looking around the place, it looked dirty.
    Left to a nearby pub across the road and it was quite busy. A regular told me at this bar that The Old Nags head is well known in Manchester to be rubbish, and the beer is not that good.

    Oh dear!

  26. D Says:

    2010 winner for no customers!!!! well done nags…..
    To sum up this pub………… Dump.

  27. chris Rustage Says:

    Hmmm! Seems to me that certain other Landlords– or their minions– have it in for the Nags! Salford hoodies?–worn out carpets? Going bankrupt? Hardly! As a regular, i know that the management do not tolerate baseball caps or any similar ‘scally’ wear, and the excellent staff who have worked there for over 7 years, take a pride in the clendliness of the place and the freindly service they provide. Following a fire in late 2008, the whole place was refurbished,including new,very expensive carpets theoughout the full three floors of the pub-so unlkess Mark has been overdoing it again in his nearby pub, he must be describing another place altogether! Prices are as other tied lease houses in the city centre and high rates add to the the costs for all similar pubs. With a millionaire owner, takings up year on year and advanced function room bookings well into 2011, the Old nags Head is far from ‘bankrupt’ in my opinion. in fact, i notice the Nags has just installed three new, large screen televisions and, roof gargen furniture and taken on extra staff—sour Grapes is a sad way to compete. I politely suggest that the competition should ‘up their game’ –after all, –‘people in glass houses–” etc!!

  28. Steve Says:

    Visit the nags every time i’m in town, which isn’t often but, the staff always remember what i drink. No scallies, no hoodies, no-one pushing anyone off their bar stools. Some comments on here sound like sabotage to me.

  29. Sally Peters Says:

    I agree Steve– i work around the corner, and we go in several times a week for lunch. Their ‘credit crunch menu’ is brilliant for just £2.99–and we get served very quickly–so no complaints. I also go in on a friday or saturday night with my mates for the Karaoke–usually three or four of us ladies–and we never have any trouble or see any of the ‘hoodies’ etc,as described above–makes a nice change to be able to use a pub with friendly bar staff, clean toilets, and a good crowd–without drunken beer monsters all over the place. I can’t imagine why anyone would go to the trouble of writing such nasty,inacurate lies–unless they are in competition nearby and are jealous of it’s success. That’s my little rant over!!

  30. Judith King Says:

    You beat me to it Sally! We work up the road and use the place in our lunchtime and early doors. Many of the lads use the upstairs pool room and sometimes the upstairs function room for birthdays ex–[we are having our xmas party there and it’s free–no room charge] It’s a smashing pub and nothing like the one described by some of the other comments. I agree with Steve and Sally–sounds like sour grapes from some of the neighbouring pubs. I won’t name them here–but if they are reading this—PLEASE clean your ladies and a little loo paper would not go amiss.

  31. Gary smith Says:

    Reply to comment27:
    As Im the landlord of the Rising Sun, I have no interest in your public house, as you have posted the comment yourself or somebody using your name,
    You have been barred from our public house (The Rising Sun) for over 8 years after the comments you made. you have been given plenty of opportunity to come over an apologise.

    We only found this out yesterday (9/9/2010) as your manager told my manager.



  32. nath Says:

    It is great that people are sticking up for Nags.

    But it is what it is: very average ( that’s being kind) and overpriced.

  33. Gary smith Says:

    comment 27



      How bizarre!!! -and sad-that would someone go to all the trouble of imitating me. I have scant knowledge of the aformentioned ,spurious,frivolous and quite obviously contrived disputes–apart from pub gossip,which, like any nornal, sensible person, i ignore. This semi literate tirade, would seem to indicate that this malevolent, purile drivel, eminates from some inadequate miscreant, bent on brightening up their sad,beer soaked existence. My numerous mainstay business interests, preclude the day to day running a backstreet public house-even an award winning one as succsessful as The Nags Head -other than an annual inspection which i carry out on all my businesses and the occasional in depth attention to drive them forward–as i am currently doing this month. Rising turnover and profits,together with winning the pub of the year award at our first attempt– and coming a very close second the next year–add further credence to it’s stable position. Clearly, some sad, low achieving individual, with equally low self esteem, has far too much time on his or her hands between the bookies and the bar and has seen fit to spend their waking hours casting aspersions. How flattering. How pitiful. As for ‘being barred 8 years ago’–You have me at an advantage ‘Mr Smith’–and i bow to your astounding powers of recall. I have no recollection of same-or indeed you-and offer you my most deeply profound appologies for any lasting damage i might have caused for my seemingly cruel,barbed words.They must have been very bad words indeed, to cause such lasting pain after’8 years’. Having such a busy life, i rarely recall last month-so ‘8 years’ is well off my radar i’m afraid-perhap’s that’s a blessing eh?! Ah well-while i’m at it—if i have offended anyone else whilst ‘imbibing’ on one of my joyous evening in the town, they too have my most scincere apologies! Life is far too short to dwell on trivia and harbour spurious grudges. The Pope arrives tomorrow–so bless you all–and i might just get pissed again tomorrow to celebrate his arrival [but i PROMISE not to use anymore naughty words!] Good night everyone–The REAL mr Rustage.

  34. Ruth Says:

    Wow… hiring a solicitor because someone is making ‘comments’? Blimey… are you old enough to be running a business? Sounds to me like someone needs a hobby if they’re that passionate about hating on someone else’s pub. You seem remarkably threatened by this rival business if it’s really as horrible as you say it is.

    I haven’t visited this pub yet because I don’t spend much time around Deansgate, but I plan to regardless of what you’re saying. Some people think there’s more to a good pub than the state of the carpet.

    Also couldn’t help but notice how many of the people slating this pub cant spell. Hmm.

  35. H.Jones Says:

    Interesting old fashioned pub with nice quirky lay-out. Pretty quiet when we went; staff lacked a bit of charm.

  36. Ian Winstanley Says:

    Tried to go in here a couple of times last week to play pool with the lads, but on arrival the pub was shut at 9pm. Went to the sir Sir Ralph Abercromby instead and played pool there.

  37. Karen Moore Says:

    Called in over the weekend to find the rumours true… there’s a new landlord. (Thank f/ck for that!) the other guy was a waste of space.
    Lots of changes to the pub with the dirty old 2 seater sofa gone and replaced with traditional tables and chairs.
    This place can now only get better now with the other waste of space now finally gone. keep up the good work new landlord!

  38. John Says:

    New owners in the nags. I miss malcolm but don’t miss the horrible idiot who owned it! Reading the comments oh here not many people liked him. That’s no suprise!!

  39. Brian Says:

    Wow…Walks in, seems a pub of character and loads of over 30’s in…Drunk manager staring out the two big guys next to me waiting to get served at bar, mouthing presumed obscenities at them to goad them into a fight, then tries it with me, 10 minutes later, staff still ignoring requests for service, still unserved, and about to give up and leave, he then comes over to the big guys and tries to grab them and pull them over bar, whilst snearing all along…then decides we were’nt there for trouble shakes their hands, and tells staff to serve us…Is this a typical Manc welcome??? floor filthy, toilets overflowing, …pint average….never again….

  40. Linda & George Says:

    This pub is a disgrace!! Just look at the bar area and all it’s missing is the cockroaches!! I can’t say anymore than its a complete dump. Me and my husband left and left our drinks as the atmosphere was terrible. We came in this pub around three years ago and since then it’s gone to the dogs.

  41. Brenda Says:

    Please turn your heating on. You could see your breath when you spoke.
    I think if you do put your heating on, then your customers would stay longer.

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