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The Living Room November 6, 2006

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The Living Room ManchesterThe Living Room 80 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2ER map

  • The Living Room is a classy upmarket restaurant and bar situated on Deansgate.  Replicating it’s wonderful sister bar, JW Johnson’s, which once sat next door, this was the first in the now national chain and has been popular with celebs and wealthy Mancunians since 1999.  Weekends are very busy and a strict door policy is often in place.  Weekdays are a little more relaxed without losing any of the pretense.  Drinks can be expensive but that’s easy to forgive for an experience as good as this! 
  • Cocktail Menu
  • Food

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16 Responses to “The Living Room”

  1. i went last year with a few girlfriends with a voucher for a free meal from glamour magazine. i have to say it was fantastic. the atmosphere felt just like i was in an episode of sex and the city. it was very chic and simple. the food was amazing. it must have tasted even nicer beacuse it was free.
    everything was clean and fabulous. the toilets were even cool! all in all, it was so good that i just bought loads and loads of drinks to make up for the free meal. oh and ladies- the male waiters are HOT!!!!

  2. James Says:

    Not the best place in the world… visited once it was like being at a Burberry fashion show full of chav-like older people who think they are the dogs bollocks.

  3. sam Says:

    hi there,
    i have visited the living room twice before, the first time may i add was a few years ago and i with a group of 4 friends got asked in, then last year when i came with a group of 6 ladies, we was turned away, now 6 of us are coming to manchester on the 30th of june and i want to show my friends around this plush bar, is there any chance you could let me know asap please if we will be ok to get in, and if yes do we need to go on the guest list etc, many thanks sam

  4. mellie Says:

    I have been to the living room once with a friend and we both had jeans and t’shirts, now we got in at 5.30pm it seem anyone can get in at that time and once your in thats it you stay in. I aslo went again another day at 8pm and we were refused asked if we were on the guest list. What i would like to know is how do you get on this guest list.

  5. Paul Stevenson Says:

    looks very nice on the photo.

    Visiting manchester on Friday 21st December, for a special xmas occasion with a very special friend.

    Asking you to place us on the guest list for an evening celebration for two.

    Kind regards

    Paul Stevenson.

  6. Dorothy Says:

    My friend and I are planning a trip to Manchester in March, 2008 and since this is our first visit there and we are from Canada….how can we get on your guest list….that would be awesome.

    Thanks …from Canada

  7. mandy Says:

    hello,im organising a hen party for 25women,would love to be added on your guest list in april…anyone know how to get on list? thanks x

  8. Hello Lee

    My name is Robina, and I work on Marie Claire classified.
    For our May issue, on sale 3rd April, we are planning a feature which will include 15 advertorials for the best restaurants, bars, hotels, spa’s, galleries, and boutiques in Manchester. The advert size will be 80 x 33mm, including a 30 x 33mm image and the remaining space for your text, at a price of only £336+VAT. This is going to be a one-off chance to be featured in Marie Claire, one of the best international fashion magazines reaching over a million readers who are interested in fashion, beauty, entertainment and dining out.
    As a fashionable and up-and-coming area, you was my first choice for bars for this page.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in this opportunity for our April issue, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kindest regards

    Robina Shahid
    Senior Classified Sales Executive

    IPC Media Southbank Titles
    Essentials 020 3148 2922
    Woman & Home 020 3148 2474
    Marie Claire 020 3148 2923
    Wedding 020 3148 2808

  9. jimmy fontain Says:

    Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs Living Room
    I am a very polite well presented mancunian who earns a good living in infastructure who likes to indulge in the finer things in life now and again,but unfortunatly all the decent,trendy(clean)bars in manchester don t seem to let anyone who opens their mouth and sounds manc could you tell me why this is or even guide me to this path of rightousness because id love to frequent your establishment.
    yours Mr Fontain

  10. Jodie Louise Says:


    It’s my 21st birthday at the end of March and me and my close girlfriend are coming up to Manchester to Celebrate on the 28th march. I would love the chance for us to be on your guest list! All my Girlfriends and work mates would just be so Jealous, which would make me really happy!

    Would somebody please be able to let me know how to get on to the guest list as we are willing to do anything…


  11. Alex Says:

    Hi my name is Alex, i am turning 19 on the 26th of april so me and a few of the girlies are coming up to manchester for the night! which i cant wait for! I would absolutely love the chance for us to get on the guest.
    Please let me know if there is any possibility of this happening.
    thanks very much.
    Alex x X

  12. julie Says:

    hi lee,

    myself and my friend are comin from ireland and are plannin a girlie shoppin weekend in manchester and were wonderin how do we get on your guest list and what your dress code is!

    thank you, hope to hear from ya soon
    x x x

  13. Toni Hill Says:

    Hi I am organising a hen night for approx 20 people i was wondering how we get onto the guest list or if you do any special packages for a meal and drinks?

    Many Thanks

  14. Charlotte Webster Says:

    How do you get on the guestlist? x

  15. jursan Says:

    Its all part of the business . There is nothing that attracts people better than having a queue of desparate wannabees pleading with doormen on a busy public pavement. Believe me there are much better public venues than this unfriendly money grabbing ‘TACKY ‘ venue.

    PS girls watch your handbags

  16. Di Rostron Says:

    F T A O . of the Manager,
    My self and my husband visited the bar on the 1st October this year, which was last night, in all there was 10 us in our party, we arrived in the bar at8,00pm. at my husband and my self left the liviing room, to go to the ATM machine and 15 mins later when we arrived back at the living room we was asked if we was on the guest list , i ask pardon, he asked again, i explained that we had just nipp out to the ATM and had already been in the bar, and had friends in side , still he repeated the same question, we have been comming to the living since it opened some years ago,i have neve not once been refused entre, OR BEEN ASK IF WE ARE ON THE GUEST LIST,i had to ring my friends to explain the we had been refused back in the bar,i will never go back in the place again and my friends refuse to as well, we have all eaten and had many a night in there, we have spent many times well over £300, on a evening in there,, NEVER AGAIN,

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