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Manchester Press Club November 6, 2006

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Manchester Press ClubManchester Press Club 2-10 St. Johns House, Queen Street, Manchester, M2 5JB map

  • Manchester Press Club is a private members club open to people that work in the media and a few other public sector organisations i.e. Police, Fire. Now unless you know what you are looking for you won’t notice the Press Club, a recessed doorway with two small signs one ‘Manchester Press Club Founded 1870’ and the other ‘Members Only, All Other Callers Must Use Lloyd Street Entrance’. The Club was originally opened for those people working in the media that would finish very late and want somewhere to drink after work, people like newspaper printers working till the early hours. Now the club attracts those people as well as a number of tv celebrities.

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33 Responses to “Manchester Press Club”

  1. Hello just wondering whether we could get tickets for 6 classy girlies to come press club,for my best friends 20 th birthday .we are all currently studying at manchester metropolitian university. Finally we would really appreciate this very much xxx

  2. Nat Says:

    The Press Club is a strange one. You sort of feel like you’re at a wedding reception when you’re in there as the decor is slightly hotel’ish and the central dancefloor is surrounded by tables. Its a great place to go if you want to sit and chat to your mates whilst slowly getting paraletic until the early hours (it closes at 6am on a Fri/Sat). It’s a bit random because everyone will be dancing away til about 1/2am then the Karaoke kicks in, which is the perfect time as everyone is leathered enough to either belt out a tune or dance around to others doing so. The celeb thing is kinds true, Ive seen a whole host of Corrie/Shameless cast members, a Razorlight band member, Will Young.. and the funniest thing I saw was Ricky Hatton singing Elvis on the karaoke. Nearly got chucked out for taking a phone pic of my mate though, they have a very strict ‘No Photo’s, No Autographs’ Policy so be careful. Anyway overall it’s good place.. a very different night out to the usual club experience. I give it a thumbs up.

  3. Wayne Says:

    Does the Press Club have an email address?

  4. leanne Says:

    hey is there any way of contacting the press club? x

    • lesley.griffiths Says:

      i work for trafford town hall on Talbot Road Old Trafford. I have always fancyed coming to the press club with my ID card would i fit the critria to gain enrty into press club could you please send me a email thanks lesley

  5. mandy Says:

    hi,was wondering has anyone found a way to contact the press club? im organising a hen party for 25girls and would love to visit.were a varied age range from 23-52years of age. thanks x

  6. LEE BUTLER Says:

    FAO Dave Murphy.
    Hi Dave its Lee in Thailand, I have got a life size replica world cup football trophy for you to put in your club. E mail me, you will love it its mint. I have lost Brownheads number so this is the only way i can contact you.
    All the best Lee.

  7. Normal Says:

    Why pay to get in when you can go to your local working mans pub for the same experience- for free!
    And “please, don’t take pictures of our celebrities”. Which ones are they? the ones that weren’t there?
    Please, don’t bother.

  8. gem Says:

    Just wondered if the Press club is open on a thursday?

  9. Rishu Shah Says:

    hey there anyone know how to get into thr press club? a few of us are coming to manchester for a night out and would like to come here. is it open on mondays??

  10. Rachael Says:

    hi, im a student nurse at mmu and i was wondering how you get into the press club? do you have to buy tickets or join a membership? how much is it? and when is it open? thanks

  11. sian Says:

    You can’t get into Press Club if you are not in any way in adherence to its rules of entry. Press Club do not accept Hen Parties and do not make allowances, I’m afraid.

    Sorry for any inconvenience

  12. Debbie Says:

    Any chance of a few tickets form myself and friends. Heard alot about the press club from collegues at work and would love to visit, I shall be celebrating my 40th birthday in october this would be a great time to come. x

  13. Claire Says:

    Hi, am a student nurse, night out in manchester last week. I was wondering if we (myself and the other student nurses) came to the club, would we be accepted and allowed in, and a police officer. Thanks

  14. Claire Says:

    mean next week, 13th sept.
    Claire x

  15. andy Says:


    bunch of curious cops looking for a late drink and would like to try a club with a difference. not been before but told very good!
    can we get in? need tickets or just knock on?

  16. David barron Says:

    i am an every day self employed tax payer was wondering if i could bring along some of my customers to see ricky speaks as we all admire his talent and carisma .
    please reply as this would be a great night
    many thanks

  17. annie Says:

    Hi i work as a support worker and i work late shifts sometimes at weekend and its no good when clubs close at three i was wondering if i would be able to join the press club

  18. Mush Says:

    I’ve never lasted more than an hour in here. My mate who works for Sky usually gets me in as a guest after the normal clubs have closed. We soon realise in that hazy hour that we have already had a skin full…and maybe it wasn’t such a good idea lol!

  19. shaun Says:

    press club is a legendary spot. had many a brilliant night in there, in fact, I’ll be going tonight!

  20. Am open to offers for a silver cigar case, engraved Manchester Press Club, Golf Competition. hall-marked Chester 1905. mint condition. no owners name on it.

  21. hazel Says:

    hi ,
    we are two girlies from ireland coming to manchester on the 30th and 31st oct. Wondering how we get in to the press club , do we need to go on the guest list ?

  22. clare Says:

    ha ha. Please if your looking for a classy nite out I wouldnt reccomend the Press club… for a laugh then yes. imagine your local working mens club. The only reason why it seems so appealing is because it seems so unavailable.

    • sara Says:

      I always try to visit the press club on my visits to Manchester I just love how down to earth it is not pretentious and they serve a good gin & tonic!!

  23. jane conlong Says:

    I work shifts as a nurse at Hope hospital.I visited a few weeks ago with my brother, a doctor .had a great time.
    Do I need to bring in ny nhs ID if I visit with other nurse friends.

    Kind Regards

    Jane C

  24. M Jones Says:

    Can i just say this place is awful, would never ever dream of going back or recommending it. Yes you give your camera to a silly fat girl as you pay, silly fat girl gives you a ticket in order to get your property back when you leave, when we were leaving i could not find the ticket, i panicked, i described the camera to her then i found my ticket-relieved this still wasn’t good enough, i was begining to get irrate, it was late and wanted to get home, was ordered around by the door staff and so was my girlfriend. Long story short the camera appeared from under the desk with the ticket attatched by which point i was asked to stand outside leaving my calmer girlfreind to sort it. Silly fat girl went through the camera with clear photos of us from our night out, they weren’t good enough to prove it was our camera and questioned us on photos of our friends baby which she found. So just be aware of leaving them your camera. We deffinately will never go back there again.

  25. David Says:

    beats me why anyone would want to visit this dump. the moment you arrive you’re made to obey a list of pathetic and unnecessary rules.. then you reach the bar where the range of drinks on offer are warms cans of red stripe and, er… warm cans of red stripe. you’re on a night out with your mates and not allowed to take photographs?? it’s a drinking club, not a top-secret government facility! get over yourselves… there are way better clubs in manchester i’d rather spend my money in.

    • Sarah C Says:

      Jesus David, get a life! Haha! If you don’t like it THAT passionately then what are you doing wasting your time moaning on here??!!! Haha! It never set out to be for everyone. I, and many others, have had many great nights to remember in there, the music’s middle of the road, easy listening, there are no thugs, no trouble, drinks are cheap. If it’s not for you then don’t go…& I’d certainly advise you not to waste your time getting worked up about it or writing on a review wall for the press club. Keep your knickers on!

  26. Francesca Says:

    does anyone know the email address for the press club?

  27. adele Says:

    hi all i went to the press club last sat (12th sept) for a friends bday and had a ball..kareoke was fab music was good we just danced the night away, the only shame was that we left at 4 am……and cant wait to go back…….

  28. ste Says:

    been in a few times its a little on the pricy side but o well had some good laughs and i have never come out sober lol

  29. Debbie Hargreaves Says:

    how do i book or get on the list , do they have a booth or table service you can book ?

    kind regards

    Debbie Hargreaves

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