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The Temple November 2, 2006

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The Temple ManchesterThe Temple Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5JW map

  • The Temple (formerly The Temple of Convenience) is a Manchester institution! A converted public toilet (yes, that’s right!!!), it’s one of Manchester’s smallest bars and is very popular due to it’s amazing array of foreign bottled beers and a great jukebox packed with Manchester bands (many of which drink regularly in here). The intimate seating planning encourages you to make new friends and that can often mean chatting to some of Manchester’s best-loved rock stars. The unisex toilet isn’t the cleanist in Manchester although the encouraged philosophical graffiti on the cubicle walls makes superb reading. The Temple is definitely a conversation starter and you’ll either love it or hate it, we adore it!
  • Real Ale (many bottled beers from around the world)
  • Jukebox (mainly made up of Manchester bands)

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11 Responses to “The Temple”

    Best Regards

  2. Nick Says:

    This is one of those places that it’s hard to stay away from, if you haven’t been to Temple bar then you don’t know what your missing. Small, but full of character and full of loads of character’s from students to business men to stars of the Manc Music scene!

    Great place for a quality Guinness but plenty of weird and wonderful foreign ales to tempt.

    Don’t forget the jukebox, it’s a music fans dream, fab selection.

    Always have a top time in here, highly recommended!!

  3. James Says:

    Not the most welcoming or friendliest of bar staff who seem to act like them funny buggers who work in Corbieres, but still a nice little place with a great jukebox and some great drinks. Looks a complete dive but thats the way I like it… pretty good boozer – nice for stopping by for a few then moving on.

    Really cool place.

  4. […] drinking in the new year and the end of an era. Following this event the label began a residency at Temple of Convenience as a chance to meet once a month, have a chat and play some tunes on a really big sound system. […]

  5. Noddy Says:

    Is this my favorite bar? Maybe, it’s up there, one of the coolest, unpretentious bars in Manchester. There is always someone sat close to you willing to have a chat. The beers are top, the duke box is awesome and it’s one of those places you’ll be back time and time again.

  6. Mike. ireland Says:

    was first there in Decemebr 08 and well impressed. thouugh couldnt get a seat!! Back in Manchester last weekend and went there both nights…very atmospheric; dingy, but in a totally good way…the loo’s are sorta Berlin.esque (arty)..good drinks selection; central location, easy to pop out for fag; what more could you ask fo…Mike De Barra

  7. […] the Temple of Convenience still open? I like that place, although the toilets remind me of those shown in Trainspotting […]

  8. […] otherwise there always tends to be something on. Another insiders tip for something different – The Temple of Convenience which isn't too far away from either of your hotels – if they have a gig on then its very […]

  9. […] sie in Pubs umgebaut werden – gar nicht so abwegig, da eine der schönstenBars in Manchester, The Temple, in ebenso einem ehemaligen öffentlichem Klo untergebracht ist. This entry was posted in […]

  10. P A Pritch Says:

    *This pub is a n acquired taste.
    To describe this pub to someone else, what with it’s drab decor and less than adequate cleanliness, you’d have a hard job selling the place. But for me, this tiny little watering hole has a bunch of character, a good juke box, and some nice beer to choose from.
    If you’re a Deansgate Locks type of person then you’ll probably die of shock. But if you like the rest of Oxford Road and Manchesters alternative scene then you might just fall in love with this little place.

  11. Charles Leach Says:

    I first went in here about 1977, when it was a public convenience. In 2013, my next visit, I didn’t notice a lot of difference.

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