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Room November 2, 2006

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Room ManchesterRoom 81 King Street, Manchester, M2 4ST map

  • Room is a very plush but unpretentious cocktail bar and restaurant at the top of the exclusive King Street designer shopping area.  Located in the building made famous by its predecessors, Reform and Hurricane Bar & Grill, two of the finest restaurants in town – Room has also been designed to an impressively high standard, mixing the old antiques with modern flair.  It’s definitely a place to take someone special.  With a wonderful choice of cocktails on offer, the delightfully lit bar can get quite busy at night times so you should expect to wait for your drinks.  Not a problem though as there’s loads of really comfy funky chairs to relax in and admire the architecture.  The restaurant is considered to be one of Manchester’s finest with classic dishes with a contemporary twist.  A concept that surprises many on a first visit.  Superb!
  • Cocktails
  • Food

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4 Responses to “Room”

  1. TRACY Says:

    Instantly loved this place, felt like a film set.The cocktails are scrummy, the food slightly ‘arty’ but never the less gorgeous. service is fab. can’t wait to go back.

  2. Mush Says:

    Just had a works do there on friday and were unimpressed to say the least. In the original review it highlights its unpretecious nature. I disagree with that. The tone was set early when we were directed up to the main bar by the restaurant area. No one officially told us where our function room was, just directed upstairs. It became apparent when after a couple of bottles (as they do not serve draught upstairs) a colleague was asked was he in the said party. After confirming, he was asked to go into the room now. To which he did not take kindly as many of the party had not arrived. “I’ll go in when I’m ready and there are people in there”. To which the barman replied “well I’ll serve you when I can then” and walked off with a smug smile.
    When a few of us did enter the room it was deemed fit by the staff to remind us a number of times of the amount expected to be taken on the bar which was £1500. This again served to wind me up!! Many guests arrived also without being told where the room was and assumed it was in the main upstairs bar area. Subsequently we proceeded to have a strung out party across two rooms.
    Music was due to be played into the function room which I cannot recall happening at all of any note. Another friend was escorted out of the premises for smoking in the wrong area for which there were no signs. He was quite willing to put it out or move but the doorman decided to fabricate that he had told him 5 times even though the person concerned had just entered the venue.
    All in all the attitude of the bar staff was quite snotty!!! A bit more organisation and having some meet and greet upstairs would have avoided the staff having to annoy people in our party. Ultimately what should have been a great leaving party ended up an anti-climax on the whole due to the venue!!!

  3. Carsten Says:

    Great style, good cocktails as long as you stay away from the retro-style ones.
    Will definately go back!

  4. Marty Says:

    Was up in in manchester the other night and Visted room and have to say what an amazing place it was. The actual ‘room’ is unbelievable. I read with intererst the other comments on this site and agree that this is the most unpretentious cocktail bar i have been in recently. some bars and bartenders think they invented drinking and that all customers are imbeciles. it was a refreshing surprise to find that they dont in room despite the fact that it seems not only to be very popular and busy but really laid back and relaxed. the doorman downstairs couldnt have been more helpful and what was supposed to be a quick drink lasted about 3 hours of people watching and listening to the 2 djs who were playing. would definately go again next time i am in manchester. my advice to those that dont enjoy their experience would be to speak to the team at room as if their complaints are genuine i am sure they would resolve them. I knocked over my own drink and room gave me another one free without me asking- cant say better than that.

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