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Waxy O’Connors November 1, 2006

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Waxy O'Connors ManchesterWaxy O’Connors The Printworks, Corporation Street, Manchester, M4 2BS map

  • Waxy’s is a unique Irish bar situated in the Printworks, having three bars and nine seperate areas spread over it’s 4 levels, all linked by a beautiful warren of a staircase and lots of little passages. You’ll notice that, rightly taking centre stage is the famous Waxy Tree it’s over 250 years old and was shipped over from the Middlands of Ireland, it now run’s up and through the 4 floors.
  • Live Sports (Sky, Setanta, ITV, BBC etc)
  • Live Music (Traditional Irish music on Thurs & Sun)
  • Opening Times:  Mon-Weds 12pm-11pm / Thurs & Sun 12pm-12am / Fri 12pm-1am / Sat 12pm-2am

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7 Responses to “Waxy O’Connors”

  1. Jenny Wilkinson Says:

    My daughter and I visited your bar last night before going to see Lionel Ritchie. What an amazing and unusual place it is. We had a lovely set meal very reasonably priced and delicious too. Beautifully cooked.The staff were all very friendly polite and helpful. They must have been carefully chosen as this is very rare these days. Thank you for contributing to our amazing evening.Wish we lived nearer. Will definately visit again and tell all our friends. Jenny Wilkinson.
    ps house wine very good too.

  2. Mush Says:

    Waxy’s great bar. Never ever seen any trouble there in all my time of going and thats a lot!!! Gets pretty crowded after 9 but is a great starting point for a night out on the weekend. Relaxed friendly crowd!!! Good guiness too!!

  3. Alan White Says:

    Had a great evening the other week on a Friday night, where the live band playing at Waxys were really great.

    All young lads called Breaker, really got the place rocking. Meal was ok aswell.

  4. Waxy O Connors, Manchester Says:

    Some pople would say that they’ve gone a bit over the top trying to create the “authentic” Irish look in here. Infact I’ve never seen a pub like it, even in Dublin. Anyway, good effort doesnt go unrewarded, this is a nice pub, the best in the Printworks.

  5. paul Says:

    our company has arranged a xmas party at the printworks,
    about 15 people are going.
    un-fortunately it s on the 13th december when spurs play united at 5.30pm
    just wonderin if you had the match on, its on setanta.

  6. Baz Says:

    First visit and loved the bar so much my partner and i are both going to try and get our works christmas party there! Also thinking of New yrs eve and making it a regular too. Brilliant pub! Only critisism was the music was so loud when we visited on sunday lunchtime, when the bar was quiet that we did leave to go elsewhere for second drink even though we planned staying there. Would still definatly recommend this bar to anyone, have friend coming over from Dublin and going to take her there

  7. Shane Says:

    Was in ur bar last Friday night was there any chance money had been left on ur counter or handed in

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