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Cask November 1, 2006

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Cask ManchesterCask 29 Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4NQ map

  • Cask is a delightful, intimate European style bar opposite the Campfield Market Arcade on the edge of Castlefield and Deansgate.  Ran by a small dedicated team, they have a drinks selection real ale lovers would die for.  Whilst the bottled beers are imported from all over Germany, the Czech Republic, Belgium and beyond, the jukebox is almost exclusively Mancunian, with Ian Brown, Morrissey, Stone Roses, Smiths, James and Oasis being regular choices from the loyal punters, which include a few famous faces. 
  • Real Ale
  • Many imported German & Belgian Wheat beers + other rare European ales
  • Jukebox (mainly Manchester bands)
  • Popular with Manchester United fans

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14 Responses to “Cask”

  1. Rob Says:

    A top notch place to drink. It’s not trying to impress you with the interior design, it’s simple but very welcoming. Locals and out of towners mix together, as do the businessmen and the students – it’s a real cocktail of people in Cask. The beer is fantastic – try out one of many imported European beers and either find a seat in the corner with your mates or stand at the bar and chat to the bar staff. Match days when United are in town attracts the Irish Reds and other characters who know how to enjoy themselves. From the outside it always looks shut, but come on inside, squeeze past the first table of customers, and work out what beer you want first. Go for the KWAK if you want something completely different. The jukebox is simply pure Manchester and if you are lucky enough to hear your tunes (always dozens of tracks before your selection) then relax, crack open another ale and set yourself down for a bit. Alternatively, just have the quick bottle and move on to your next bar. On warmer nights, venture out outside in the small courtyard at the back and enjoy a good natter with your pals.

  2. Ian Jones Says:

    I love this quirky bar – nothing at all fancy but run by people who obviously take a pride in what they are doing. Great selection of continental beers to keep you interested all night long if you’re up for a session. As Rob says, the exterior is not particularly inviting but my advice is “go for it!”

  3. […] too far out for some to walk to during their nightly pub crawls. Like it’s sister bar, cask, the exterior tells you nothing of what you will find inside; a great range of fabulous imported […]

  4. James Says:

    Crackin bar.

    Its not just Irish Utd fans who come in, Utd fans in general love it.

    Pretty mad mixture of people which makes it funny, esp the business men who come in and the Corantion Street actors.

    Great jukebox need to change the cd’s though.

    Great selection of drinks.

    Great people who work on the bar – Shane, Rob, Mickey, Dan and Emma

  5. Rob Says:

    Yeah, you are quite correct James, I wasn’t meaning to suggest it was only Irish United fans in there. Of course, Boyley and his crew are regulars, just like myself, a Manchester Red.

  6. RONALDO Says:

    Cask is easily the best Manchester bar,no nonesense prententious decco,but serving the a fantastic varities of european beers,as stated filled with all kinds of different customers,always dead friendly and the superb Manchester juke box and yea it does always look shut .Highly reccomended .

  7. Noddy Says:

    Great bar, great beers, great staff, great night! Nuff said.

  8. colin trout Says:

    what a top bar, one of the few places left were you can go and have a froth or two without getting bad vibes for how you dress or how you look. Oh, and the chippy next door is special too. ask nicely, and you can have them in the bar.
    Keep up the good work Rob, and all the staff as its a treat drinking in such a special place.

    P.S. The selection of beers is not to be sniffed at either, try the antoon for a good example.
    Cheers for now
    The Trout.

  9. danny Says:

    great place to drink on a match day love it Boyley and his crew are regulars and legends great staff, great night! Nuff said.

  10. augusto cesar Says:

    feliz navidad para ti y tu familia espero que todos esteis bien
    no he encontrado otra forma de localizarte si les esto mandame un correo para estar en contacto vamos a ser padres por segunda vez he tratado de localizarte por telefono
    pero no lo consigo no se que pasa
    sin mas espero que lo mejor del 2009 sea lo peor del 2010
    feliz año nuevo rob

  11. Alan Thurm Says:

    A great little bar. The selection of Belgian and German beers is very good. Would like to see more German wheat beers and more UK real ales, but mustn’t complain as Cask is a great addition to the central Manchester pub scene: long may it prosper!

    P.S. Do I get a free drink for this?

  12. Steve Says:

    Great bar, brilliant selection of beers , I had St Fruillien on draught -lovely . PS, City fans go in there too 🙂

  13. Joe McMahon Says:

    Cask is a very special bar as it is always welcoming, has a great selection of beers (always a new one to surprise you), brilliant staff who seem to enjoy what they do and a magic clientele who make you feel very welcome. Every time I go to Manchester I feel right at home in Cask. Cant wait to get back there again.

  14. Manchester Says:

    Absolute shithole

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