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The Old Grapes November 14, 2006

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The Old GrapesThe Old Grapes - Little Quay Street, Manchester, M3 3JU map

  • The Old Grapes is a traditional pub located just around the corner from the Opera House Theatre, which means that this place gets full of people waiting to go in to the theatre as well as tourists and shoppers. It serves lots of nice beers and the decor is enhanced by the signed photo’s of stars from around the world. It’s also quite likely that you’ll see some of the actors from Coronation Street in this pub, as it is part owned by Liz Dawn aka Vera Duckworth.
  • Cask

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3 Responses to “The Old Grapes”

  1. nath Says:

    Well what can you say about this place? I expected a really traditional boozer however… You get served in plastic glasses whether you are drinking inside or out -what does that tell you? They have music blasting (really blasting) out on a sat afternoon- dreadful place. Worse than the worst Wetherspoons. Shame really, i was really looking forward to this pub!

  2. Matt Says:

    Went in the old grapes on 10/08/09 and i walked up to the bar and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited and a Australian lad pops his head round the corner and shouts i will be with you in a minuite. i then found out after waiting 10 minites to be served that he was talking to his mates in the bar. By this time other customers were walking in and waiting. by the time i was eventully served i just knecked my pint and headed off. i will not be going back. far better pubs aroung the old grapes and you get served quicker!

  3. the old grapes Says:

    we have to serve in plastic glasses on certain football days, not because we want to but because the police say we have to!

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